Being the director of H.O.G®️ (Harley Owners Group) Kingdom Of Jordan Chapter, is a Very Challenging Position.
My main job is to direct, plan ahead, setup the perfect committee that serves our chapter & members.
Our goal is to organize & encourage enjoyable safe rides, in a friendly family atmosphere exploring our beautiful country H.K.J.
We proudly ride our iconic legendary Harley-Davidson®️ bikes, hit the groove putting the world and our troubles far behind.
Our dedicated professional, highly trained, Road Team leads & takes care of each & every rider, supervise safety issue that concerns routes & riders.
It’s not what you ride!!!
It’s how mature & responsible you ride!!!!
We ride together in a beautiful formation, explore, socialize & stand by each other’s in respect. Diversity enrich our family with various backgrounds.
Our volunteer officers are working hard to keep it up, we proudly for 3 years on a row & five times took the best Chapter award in the whole MENA region.
Supported & supervised by a strong top notch, talented dealership that support, maintain our bikes & cater for H.O.G®️ and their activities.
Charities, Orphanages, Nursing homes, King Hussein Cancer Center, Back To School, Local Social Community has always been in our agenda for years & years.
We work in harmony & respect with the governmental sector, Ministry Of Tourism, The Traffic Institute, Traffic Police & The Leading Local Companies (Zain) as it proudly our yearly strategic partner.
Maher Dajani
H.O.G®️ Kingdom Of Jordan Chapter#7898.
Ride Safe, enjoy & Have Fun.