The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.®) is a family oriented international organization. H.O.G.® was established by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company (H-D) and is operated by employees of H-D. It is the largest factory-sponsored motorcycle club in the world with almost 1,000,000 members and over 1,400 chapters in 135 countries.


You can become a member of H.O.G.® internationally by owning a Harley motorcycle and paying your membership dues.

A H.O.G.® Chapter is a family oriented local organization. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of H.O.G.® Chapters world-wide. H.O.G.® Chapters are sponsored by the local Harley-Davidson dealership, adhere to the rules in the H.O.G.® Chapter Charter defined by H.O.G.®, but are operated by unpaid volunteer Harley owners.

Riding your Harley among members of your local chapter becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. You look forward to your “30 minute vacation” and you grab the chance to ride whenever and wherever it takes you!!!

You can become a member of your local H.O.G.® Chapter by becoming a member of H.O.G.®, completing and signing the H.O.G.® Chapter’s Membership and anything else the Chapter requires; each Chapter has different requirements.

H.O.G.® members all around the world live by certain principles that are the heart of safe riding and having fun. These are: Adaptability, Innovation, Exploration, Laughter, Honesty & Assertiveness, Motivation, Planning, and most vital of all, the “Wow!!!” factor .