Ladies of Harley® (L.O.H.®) is a program sponsored by the Harley Owners Group® (H.O.G.®) to support women motorcycle enthusiasts for both riders and passengers. We’re a group of ladies in the Harley-Davidson® family that promote events and fun from within our local Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.®) Jordan Chapter.

This year I was honored of being appointed as Ladies of Harley® Officer which is something away from my career as an architect but joining all the events and rides with my husband and kids in the past years and being involved or participating in a lot of great activities such as Pinktobers, Rallies (local or International), made me proud of being one of this big family and want to share lots of what I can do as a (L.O.H.®) officer which I hope to be able to fulfill as many of the great wishes of this Chapter.

My mission for this year is to planning and participating in the day and night Chapter rides, Chapter events, charitable events, social events, fundraisers to benefit the Chapter & our community, encouraging more women to be involved with the Chapter and its activities, promote activities for the enjoyment of all Chapter members and their families and creating a circle of friends share a common love for motorcycling

Whether you ride your own Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle or if you choose to be a passenger, Ladies of Harley® is there to encourage you to be more active within the Harley Owners Group as a member.

Farah AlDa’ajah Qandeel
L.O.H.® Officer.
H.O.G.®️ Kingdom of Jordan Chapter #7898.